Jumping Castle Instructions



• Children must not be allowed near the motor.

• If an electrical extension is used it must be a triple wired , earthed cord

• Do not cover motor with bag or tight material – it needs air

• Do not leave motor in rain/water – it's an electrical appliance

• Do not switch the motor on and off

• Castle should be at least 1 meter away from walls or objects that can damage the castle – NB clients pay for damages

• No pets, shoes, sharp objects streamers or food allowed on the castle

• No adults allowed on the jumping castles – it will damage as it is not made for above 80 kg.

• Adults are allowed on water-slides, gladiators and wave slides.

• The air pipe feeds the air to the castle.

• It needs to be securely attached to the motor so air does not escape

• The pipe must not be bend or twisted - this will restrict airflow to the castle.


On installation we ensure that all systems are operating 100%. Due to the moving of castle/movement caused by jumping/extention or adding of other appliances, problems can occur that was not present on original installation.

In case of problems please follow the troubleshooting steps, if this does not solve the problem please feel free to contact us by phone/sms
082 3066996/084 5587159


NO GENERATORS ALLOWED (Motors not designed for generator use)

Do not share electricity with anyone.
Random checks will be done, if found of violation of rules a R2000 replacement fee for motor will be charged. (Motors will overload, overheat and burn out, guaranteed)



Setting up the castle

• Put the castle where you intend to use it.

• Roll the castle out of the bag and look for the air pipe (long PVC pipe, at the back or on the side of the castle)

• Attach the motor to the air pipe and fasten tight. The motor must be upright - standing on its "leg"

• Attach extension to motor – must be a tripled wired, earthed cord

• Plug extension directly into the power source and switch on electricity

• The motor needs to run continuously for the castle to stay inflated.

Folding the castle

• Remove motor from the castle.

• Straighten the air pipe and hold so that the air can escape (tip: let someone walk on the castle and the air will escape faster

• Most castles with a pond have a short air pipe underneath the pond. Open this air pipe as well

• Fold all loose parts to the inside(steps, walls etc)

• Fold castle into a square.

• Once in a square, fold one end halfway over, fold the other side half way over this, ending in a long, narrow strech.

• Fold castle in such a way that it ends up narrow and long. (same width as the bag)

• Put bag underneath castle on the one side and roll the castle tightly towards the bag. Do not fold but roll up like a tent (Folding will make it impossible to handle)

• Once inside the bag ,close with the attached ropes.



Trouble shooting

• Electricity keeps on tripping when motor is
switched on.
• Motor starts but cuts out

Do the following to eliminate possible causes/solve the problem: Untie motore from pipe/castle:

• Take motor and plug directly into power source (no extension or adaptors)

• Take motor to another power source and plug in (preferabaly kitchen as the power is strong enough.

• Plug motor into power source – ensure that no other appliances use the same plug/line.

• If you do use an extension ensure that the extension is a tripled wired, earthed cord, not longer than 15m (no thin extention eg. white 5m as this causes tripping of motor)

This process determines if the problem is with the power supply, extension, adaptor or the motor.

Jumping Castle

Jumping castle not stiff:
• Check that the air pipe is attached tight to the motor – no air escaping

• Check that the pipe underneath the pond is closed properly

• Ensure that air pipe is straight with no obstructions

• Ensure motor is standing upright

• Ensure nothing is restricting the air flow to the motor (plants etc)

• It is normal that bubbles and air escapefrom the seams

• Small holes is not a problem. If you can put 2 fingers in a hole please phone us.


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